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    Even though the number of alcohol-related fatalities in Nevada has gone down a little each year, we’re still not free from grieving. It is still imp… Read More
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    In a classic but tragic case, Richard Kelly, of Las Vegas, has been charged with murder in a heroin case. Mr. Kelly admitted to injecting heroin into … Read More
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    Paul Rozario is an assistant special agent for the DEA. He says that methamphetamine is the second most wanted illegal drug in America, second only to… Read More
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    “It hurt like a dull-edged saw cutting me in half," said Rachel’s father, regarding her death. It is a fairly small community where just about… Read More
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    If you assumed that boxers and mixed martial arts participants were getting drug tested on a regular basis, you’d be partly right. The problem has b… Read More
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    In Reno, it really doesn’t pay to sell alcohol to minors. There has been a lot of concern about restaurants, bars, and liquor stores selling to … Read More
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    In November 2011 there may be a vote on whether marijuana should be legalized, and sold and taxed like any other commodity. From now until then, ther… Read More
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    Bruno Mars isn't exactly top tier when it comes to singers, but he's plenty famous. It was all over the news when he was arrested for cocaine possessi… Read More
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    In the February 11, 2011 Nevada Daily Mail: Here’s the sentence that jumped out and grabbed me - “Yahne has been found guilty of felony drug charg… Read More
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    Once again, a large methamphetamine bust is in the news in Nevada, this time in Reno. Police followed Jose Perez-Oviedo for three weeks to determine s… Read More


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